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Our History

Originally established by W. E. Cuckson & Son as Rondo Zipador Pty Ltd in 1959, a change of ownership occurred ten years later when Boral Plasterboard (then AGL), purchased 50% of the company. In 1970, CSR became a three-way venture partner before the current joint venture between USG Boral (then Boral Plasterboard) and CSR was established later that Year.

Rondo's main focus has always remained the same – providing the highest quality product and service delivery to the markets in which we operate. This aspiration is captured in our vision:

Building a reputation for excellence with our customers by pursuing market leadership in everything we do.

Our Business Today

Rondo is a highly focused business involved in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of lighter gauge rolled formed steel products and systems, primarily for the construction industry in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Our primary purpose is ‘To provide our customers with the industry leading systems solutions incorporating high quality rollformed products and accessories complimented by outstanding customer service”.

Rondo is a proud Australian Company which is further developing internationally through the development of offshore businesses with manufacturing plants in Auckland NZ, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Mumbai India and more recently Christchurch NZ.  These businesses provide Rondo a base for further growth for what we plan will develop into several successful regional business in the long term and also allow us to provide a broader more integrated competitive product offer across all markets in which we operate.

Rondo’s key strength is our people and our key focus is our customers.

Greg Thomas Rondo Executive General Manager

Greg Thomas, Rondo Executive General Manager


  • History timeline

    1964 The first suspended ceiling system introduced in 1964 was our Rondo Lock Concealed System, now called Rondo Classic, and it is still the only system of its design available today (albeit by special order)
    1965 The most popular and technically superior designed ceiling system produced in Australia was introduced. Rondo KEY-LOCK® - unchanged from its basic Rondo design, is the leading suspension system for flush building board finishes.
    1968 The first interstate branch was opened in Victoria with the release of a range of steel stud drywall sections.
    1975 Our first exports to Singapore, Thailand, New Caledonia and Japan. Today we export to many Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Oceania countries, mainly from our factory in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and new factory in Mumbai, India.
    1976 The Rondo Western Australian branch was opened.
    1978 The Rondo South Australian branch was opened.
    1979 A joint venture in manufacturing with South Africa was started.
    1980 The Rondo Queensland branch was opened.
    1980 Rondo purchases the Rondo EXANGLE® bead range.
    1982 A joint venture in manufacturing with Thai Gypsum was established.
    1993 Establishment of a warehouse and office in Auckland New Zealand was founded; this venture quickly became the market leader within the industry in New Zealand.
    1999 PANTHER® Access Panels were introduced into the Rondo product range through the acquisition of Brayway International..
    2001 Singapore office opened in September, establishing Rondo as an important supplier of quality systems in the Asian market.
    2001 Rondo acquired Ezy-Drive Roadside Post Products business and expands into the road safety industry.
    2005 The Malaysian Factory was opened, which now services most of our export markets.
    2006 Representation and key JV distribution outlets opened in the Middle East and Southern China.
    2009 Rondo Head Office and main manufacturing facility in St Mary’s NSW moved to the new Erskine Park site with operations commencing in September.
    2010 Rondo extended our Market and launched a new range of EXTREME® PVC beads for plasterboard and render applications.
    2010 Rondo established a factory and offices in Mumbai, India.

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